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Signs Your Loved One Needs At-Home Care

Rosa / May 9, 2018

It is hard to admit that we are no longer as independent as we once were, but aging has that effect on most people. It is important to keep a close eye on an aging loved one to make sure that they’re still capable of handling themselves alone each day. Don’t worry if they’re not. A nursing home is always there to help those in need, but elder care Bethesda MD is also available and a less drastic option that ensures that your loved one gets the care they need, when it is needed.

Numerous signs indicate the time has come to find a caregiver to help your aging loved one. Pay attention to the signs and do not delay finding someone to come in to provide that care. Those signs include:

·    Change in mental status, such as trouble telling time, difficulties remembering

·    Poor diet/Weight loss

·    Your loved one seems distracted, sad, lonely or uninterested in things that they once enjoyed

·    Changes in personal hygiene/Body odor/infrequent bathing

elder care Bethesda MD

·    Inability to remember medications

·    Chores around the home are not getting done/ the home is dirty

·    Difficulty getting around/Cannot get up/down from the bed/chairs

·    Person misses doctor appointments and other important events

·    Bills are not being paid, checks are bouncing, or there are other financial difficulties affecting the individual

These signs are only a handful of the many that indicate that your loved one needs a helping hand in their day-to-day routine. When your loved one needs a helping hand, there are many caregivers to choose from. With this person assisting them with daily activities like bathing, housekeeping, grooming, medication reminder, and companionship, it is easy to ensure that your loved one has a high quality of life at any age.